Electronics and Neurotechnology Group

Theme 1: Medical Devices

[Project 23] 2024-29: EPSRC Open Fellowship (EP/X031950/1), SUPREMISE: SUPer-REsolution non-invasive Muscle measurements with miniaturised magnetIc SEnsors, PI (~£2M) 


[Project 22] 2024-27: EPSRC (EP/Y015215/1), ANALOGUE: Automated Nano AnaLysing, characterisatiOn and additive packaGing sUitE, PI (£3M) 

[Project 21]2023-27: HORIZON-EIC-PATHFINDEROPEN (GA n.101099355), BRAINSTORM: Wireless deep BRAIN STimulation thrOugh engineeRed Multifunctional nanomaterials, PI Glasgow (€3M)


[Project 20]   2023-26: EPSRC (EP/X034690/1), CHIST-ERA, SNOW: Wearable Nano-Opto-electro-mechanic Systems, PI (£250k)
[Project 19]   2022-24: EPSRC (EP/X017516/1), Photodynamic Therapy via Implantable Microsystems for Cancer Treatment, Co-I (£250k) 
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[Project 18]  2022-26: HORIZON-EIC-PATHFINDERCHALLENGES (GA n.101070908), CROSSBRAIN: Distributed and federated cross-modality actuation through advanced nanomaterials and neuromorphic learning, PI Glasgow (€4M)


[Project 17]  2022-24: EPSRC (EP/X024989/1)/HORIZON-MSCA-PF, MAGNABLE: Injectable magnetomyography (€220k)


[Project 16]  2021-25: EPSRC Industrial CASE (EP/W522168/1), Analog Neuromorphic Processing for Biosensors, PI
[Project 15]  2021-24: British Council, Innovative and Collaborative Research Partnerships Grants, FleEnSys, PI Glasgow.

[Project 14]  2019-24: EU H2020 FETPROACT (GA n.824164), HERMES: Hybrid Enhanced Regenerative Medicine Systems, PI (€8.4M)

Theme 2: Integrated Circuits

Our work focuses on CMOS-spintronic sensing interface circuits, allowing them to be manufactured as integrated Analog Front-End (AFE) including various circuit building blocks e.g. analogue-to-digital converters (ADC) and DC-DC converters for low-power and high-speed electronics systems. 
We are designing CMOS analogue and mixed-signal circuits for various applications e.g. biomedical and cryogenic electronics (Cryo-CMOS).


[Project 13]2023-26: EPSRC (EP/X025152/1), SEQUENCE: Superconducting Gatemon Quantum Computing Enabled by CryoElectronics, Co-I (~£1M) 


 [Project 12] EPSRC (EP/W032627/1), EPIQC: Empowering Practical Interfacing of Quantum Computing

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and more news:




 [Project 11] EPSRC QCS Hub - Cryogenic qubit control interface using analog/mixed-signal circuits and systems

Our meLAB receives funding for two new Innovate UK projects. The UKRI news: https://www.ukri.org/news/50-million-in-funding-for-uk-quantum-industrial-projects/

[Project 10] The University of Glasgow lends support to £6.5M Quantum Computing Consortium. Read the news here: https://www.gla.ac.uk/news/headline_818516_en.html 

[Project 9] The University of Glasgow researchers contribute to £5.7M Quantum Computing Project. Read the news here: https://www.gla.ac.uk/news/headline_818876_en.html 

A diagram of the Cryo-CMOS Chip the Altnaharra consortium is setting out to develop

 [Project 8] EPSRC IAA and Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership, Novel handheld magnetic-based sensor for malaria diagnostic.